StreamThru - system transportu danych stworzony przez firmę NVIDIA

With the advent of high-speed broadband connections, computer users have been quick to embrace the Internet's potential. From watching breaking news stories via streaming Web casts, to downloading the latest music and films, to perusing new worlds in a multiplayer game, it has been clear that the Internet offers great experiences for everyone. Unfortunately, with the influx of DSL and cable installations, many end-users across the country soon realized that, despite the increased bandwidth, traditional PC technologies are ill-equipped to handle their increased demands for video, audio, and other on-demand information. Due to internal technologies that don't support isochronous/time-dependent data transfers, and Ethernet, which have problems transmitting consistent data during heavy peak periods, many potentially exciting Internet experiences are transformed into time-consuming and frustrating endeavors. Time-dependent applications, such as online games and streaming video oftentimes suffer from inconsistent playback, jittery imagery and stuttering audio.

The NVIDIA nForce™ processors have been designed to remove such bottlenecks, radically improving networking and communications experiences. All NVIDIA nForce processors include an advanced isochronous transport system, dubbed StreamThru™architecture, a networking and broadband architecture that noticeably improves time-dependent applications such as media streaming, file downloading and multi-player games.

Thanks to its complete isochronous transport system, NVIDIA’s StreamThru architecture enhances not only broadband and network performance, but also other time-dependant applications such as digital video, audio and online multiplayer games. For the first time, and only when using NVIDIA nForce-based PCs, users can enjoy maximum efficiency from their broadband and networking connections delivering full multimedia performance without compromise.

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