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Heavenly Hardware Gold Award
Gainward GeForce FX 5900 XT

"The Geforce-FX 5900XT is arguably the best value card on the market at the moment. When we looked at our last 5900XT model we were more than impressed by its performance both at stock speeds and when overclocked."

"The Gainward 5900 XT / Ultra 1100 XP Golden Sample is an excellent card."

"If your buying a 5900XT your first choice should be Gainward...infact we'd go so far as to say, if your going to buy any 5900 series card you should take a good look at the Ultra 1100 XP Golden Sample before you make your purchase. You may just find it's the best bang for the buck out there."

"The Gainward 5900XT / Ultra 1100XT Golden Sample is the first product ever to receive the Driverheaven Gold Hardware Award." - Stuart "Veridian3" Davidson Site Manager, PR and Hardware Editor."

Kwiecień 2004

PC Pro - Grudzień 2003
Gainward Ultra/960 Golden Sample

"One notable feature is the core GPU speed, as it has been ramped up to 500Mhz, making it the highest clocked graphics card ever... it's also remarkable that it requires no extra power connector to run..."

Wynik: 5 na 6 punktów - Listopad
NVIDIA GeForce FX 5700 Ultra

"...5700 Ultra gives this sector of the market more muscle than it's ever seen." - Listopad
NVIDIA GeForce FX 5950 Ultra

"But if you must spend a stupid amount of money on a graphics accelerator, 5950 Ultra is as worthy a recipient of your hard earned..." - 28 listopada
AOpen Aeolus GeForce FX 5950 Ultra

"...FX 5950 Ultras make a decent case for themselves. Overclocking was a highlight too."

Wynik: 9 na 10 punktów

PC Zone - Christmas Issue
ASUS V9950 Ultra 256MB GeForce FX 5900 Ultra

"Great presentation, great games, super quick ."

Wynik: 87 procent punktów

Custom PC - Styczeń
Gainward FX PowerPack Ultra 960 Golden Sample

"...a GeForce FX5700... is pretty miraculous value for money. If it were our money, we'd buy a 5700 Ultra and that means the Gainward FX PowerPack Ultra 960 Golden Sample is the definitive graphics card to buy this holiday season."

Wynik: 81 procent punktów

Custom PC - Styczeń
Chaintech 7NJS UltraZenith

"In the case of the Chaintech 7NJS Ultra Zenith, the bundle helps to complement an already great product, making it truly the greatest Socket A motherboard we've ever seen."

Wynik: 81 procent punktów

PC Extreme - Styczeń 2004
Gainward FX PowerPack Ultra

"Add in the FireWire card... and the sound card and you've got an exceptional package."

Wynik: 89 procent punktów

PC Extreme - Styczeń 2004
NVIDIA GeForce FX 5700 Ultra

"So how does it perform? Well it's substantially quicker than the 5600 Ultra across the board."

Wynik: 89 procent punktów

Computer Shopper January 2004
MSI FX5200-TD 128MB

"This is an excellent price, and the include games bundle makes it even better value."

Wynik: 4 na 5 punktów

X-bit labs - Nagroda czytelników
Najlepszy twórca chipsetów 2003

""The award has been given to NVIDIA, which has been supporting AMD with its chipset throughout the entire year 2003."

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Leadktek WinFast A360TD

"The Leadtek Winfast A360TD is an excellent card that's exactly what the FX5600 should have been, with excellent all-round performance and the ability to play the latest games. This is a true mass market card at a price point that will be tough for the competition to beat."

Wynik: 8 na 10 punktów

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